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10 professions in Portugal most sought after by Brazilians in 2023

The search for new experiences has led many Brazilians to migrate to Portugal, which has increased the demand for jobs among those who wish to leave Brazil. But how is the labor market for Latin American immigrants in the European country?

In this article, we will gather information about possible jobs for Brazilians in Portugal, as well as other important tips, such as the validation of foreign diplomas.

Despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economy and the job market worldwide, there are favorable fields for Brazilians in Portugal, such as sales, communication, logistics, technology, human resources, finance, esthetics, and health, as well as other possibilities that do not require the completion of higher education.

Portuguese labor market

Portugal is a country with a population of 10 million people that has experienced significant economic growth. Through investments and the emergence of startups, Lisbon has become an important technological pole, generating an expressive number of jobs.

As a result, a special visa for Information Technology (IT) professionals called Tech Visa was implemented in early 2019, which aims to facilitate the hiring of qualified professionals of other nationalities, including Brazilians, making the process simpler and more agile.

The destinations that offer the most IT job opportunities in Portugal are Lisbon, Oeiras, Porto, and Sintra, which are located in the Greater Lisbon region.

Where can people find jobs in Portugal?

In general, the most advisable is always specialized consulting. Job sites and portals and platforms such as LinkedIn – an essential tool throughout Europe – are also widely used. In both models it is important to keep your profile up to date and complete.

In addition, it is important to be aware of English-speaking shared vacancies, which are quite common. One tip is, already in the search, to put the nomenclature of the position and area in this language. Another point to be aware of is that they do not use the position manager, but rather manager. There are different terminologies that get in the way of searching for and applying for jobs. Prior research is worthwhile.

By following these tips and using the tools available, the chances of finding a good job opportunity in Europe increase considerably. Be sure to seek help from specialized professionals, who can guide you further in this process.

General tips for finding a job in Portugal

  1. Give a good description of your experiences;
  2. Be active in connections;
  3. Follow the companies that have interest;
  4. Attach your resume when applying for a position, adjusting it according to the opportunity;
  5. Apply only for jobs similar to your resume;
  6. Use keywords, such as Skills & Endorsements;
  7. Ask your co-workers for recommendations.

Psychologist and Human Resources manager Adriana Zappalá highlights an important point that is often neglected by Brazilians: the issue of the languages spoken in Portugal. Although the Portuguese language is an important factor for many who choose the country as a destination, it is important to remember that Portugal is a European Community country, where English becomes essential. This is true regardless of position or seniority level. While in Brazil speaking English may be seen as a differential, in Portugal it is considered a necessity.

Therefore, Adriana’s advice is that Brazilians should start investing in languages even before they move to Portugal. Besides English, she suggests learning Spanish and also German, which is seen as attractive in the country. In this way, you can be better prepared for the demands of the job market and for adapting to life in the European country.

What are the professions and functions most sought after by Brazilians in Portugal?

As mentioned before, Portugal has a great demand for technology professionals. However, recruitment companies report that, besides IT, the most sought-after positions for Brazilians in the country in recent years are in other areas.

  • Administrative
  • Commercial
  • Consultancies
  • Collections
  • Hospitality/Tourism
  • Legal
  • Stores
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Human Resources
  • Health

10 most wanted jobs in Portugal during 2022

We know that many Brazilians have the objective of working in Portugal and that there are areas that are more sought after in the labor market. But, after all, which professions have a large number of openings? To answer this question, we can turn to the Hays Labor Market Guide, 2022 edition, which published the most sought-after functions by companies in Portugal.

  • Information Technology
  • Commercial
  • Engineers
  • Marketing and Communication (digital-oriented)
  • Administrative
  • Financial
  • Customer Support
  • Human Resources
  • Hospitality
  • Consultants

It is worth noting that this list may change every year, according to market demand and changes in the economy. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the opportunities that arise and to keep up to date in the areas of interest.

Salaries in Portugal

In 2023, the minimum wage in Portugal is €760. In the big cities, for the most part, monthly earnings are higher than this amount, but vary according to profession and job functions.

According to a survey conducted by INE (National Statistics Institute) in 2023, the average salary is €1,400.00 gross.

Diploma to work in Portugal

In some areas of activity and companies in Portugal, it is essential that the professional has the certification of the diploma obtained abroad or even invest in the area of study, as is the case of health. In areas such as engineering and law, it is necessary for the professional to register with the Portuguese Bar.

For fields that require certification, the process may take longer and depend on the level of training of the educational institution in Brazil. You can check the situation on the DGES website.

In addition, it is worth knowing the Institute of Employment and Professional Training which has a bank of vacancies and information about available courses and training.

The search for Brazilian professionals in digital services intensifies in Portugal during the pandemic

As Adriana explained and as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the digital transition of companies in Portugal. As a result, the demand for Information Technology professionals has increased significantly, leading to a labor shortage in the market.

This increase in demand has occurred because of the growing need for digital services during quarantine, and this trend is expected to continue as online consumption becomes increasingly common. National and foreign companies installed in Portugal are increasingly looking for qualified professionals in the international market, and Brazilians are a good option. It is important to point out that the area offers attractive salaries due to the shortage of qualified professionals.

In addition, the pandemic has caused many selection processes to go 100% online. This model allows candidates to participate in virtual interviews and, if selected, to apply for the appropriate visa if they do not have Portuguese or European Union nationality. Thus, the move to Portugal already occurs with a formalized job opportunity.

Some companies even help the candidate in this process, but otherwise it is important that the professional understands the step-by-step and takes the necessary steps. In this sense, the the advice of a lawyer is essential to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Another possibility offered by the work visa is family reunification. However, it is essential to plan this move well and follow all the necessary procedures. It is important to be aware of all the steps in this very important process.

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