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Aposentar e morar em Portugal

Retirement and living in Portugal: visas and everything you need to know 

Retiring and moving to Portugal can be an interesting move if you are looking for a higher quality of life to enjoy your retirement. However, as with almost everything, it is necessary to plan for this – whether you are already retired or are making plans for the near future.

Portugal is a country with great security and quality of life. It also has the benefit of offering the advantages of living in Europe, great museums at affordable costs, renowned universities, and travel! Therefore, below we will explain you a little more about retiring and living in Portugal. Check it out!

Where to live in Portugal as a retiree?

The choice of city will depend a lot on one’s personal taste. Living in Lisbon or Porto can be an interesting experience, they are two great cities that have great leisure options. However, it is important to point out that they also have a higher cost of living.

Other possibilities that are strongly appealing to many are Braga, Faro and Cascais, which are regions with the cheapest cost of living and which also attract more retirees.

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How much does it cost to live in Portugal as a retiree?

As we said in the item above, the city you choose to live in will greatly influence the final bill, but other factors, such as the family’s standard of living, can also play a role.

The secret is good individual planning! Do not consider closed values presented by websites or people close to you. In order for Portugal to stop being a dream and become a reality, it is important to entrust each cost in the list below based on a functional standard of living for the family.

The good news is that the cost of living in Portugal is one of the lowest to live in Europe. Compared to the United States, the difference can be even more advantageous. To think, plan and carry out this whole process there are six fundamental steps – explained for free at Workshop: Living, studying, investing and working in Portugal .

Visa for retiree to live in Portugal

Called “ D7 “, this visa model is applied especially for retired foreigners or holders of their own income who wish to migrate to Portugal.

Among the benefits, the document ensures the possibility to enjoy the certification of residence in the “non habitual” category depending on the profession exercised, responsible for guaranteeing the application of a fixed tax rate of 20% on income in the citizen’s country of origin. With the change in legislation in 2020, pensions are taxed at a flat rate of 10%.

The permit is considered one of the means for those who intend to live in Europe and, even though it is known as the “retirees’ visa”, it also covers other possibilities. It is also worth remembering that the D7 allows for the possibility of family reunification and does not prohibit professional activity, which can be nice for those retirees who still want to maintain an active life.

The D7 Visa can also be used for other purposes, such as for religious people and people living on income – these are not covered in this article, but you can find out more at D7: Residency Visa for Income Earners, Retired Persons and Family Reunification .

How to obtain Portuguese Nationality for grandchildren

Advantages of living in Portugal as a retiree

You can’t deny that the quality of life in Portugal is great! The country stands out for its impressive education rates, public health services, and life expectancy that has risen considerably in recent years – not least because more than 25% of the Portuguese population is over 60.

So, the reasons to retire and go live in Portugal are diverse! Health, safety, leisure… There are many factors that contribute to the country being a reference and the place of desire for so many retirees. If you have any questions or need support for your visa application, our team is ready to help you !

Moreira & Perfeito is your reliable partner for all bureaucratic and legal aspects in Portugal – as getting a TIN, opening a bank account and real estate servicesin addition, of course, to support for all visa requests.

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